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Course Offered

Course Offered


Under Graduate Courses

AFFILIATION & COURSES OF STUDY : Students cannot take a subject at the degree level either in Honours or General Courses if they have failed in that subject in the previous examination.

HONOURS SUBJECTS Elective Subject- 1 (Group A)
(Choose any one subject from this column )
Elective Subject- 2 (Group B)
(Choose any one subject from this column )
Bengali History, Pol. Sc., Philosophy History, Pol. Sc., Journalism & Mass Comm.
English History, Pol. Sc., Philosophy History, Pol. Sc., Journalism & Mass Comm.
Hindi History, Pol. Sc., Philosophy History, Pol. Sc., journalism & Mass Comm.
Political Science History, Economics, Journalism & Mass Comm. History, Philosophy, Beng./Eng./Hindi
History Pol. Sc., Economics, journalism & Mass comm. Pol. Sc., Beng./Eng/Hindi
Philosophy History, Pol. Sc., Beng./Eng./Hindi  
Journalism & Mass Communication Beng./Eng./Hindi, History, Pol.Sc., Economics  
Physics Mathematics, Chemistry/Electronics Mathematics, Chemistry/Computer Science
Chemistry Mathematics, Physics  
Mathematics Physics, Chemistry/Statistics/Computer Science  
Computer Science Mathematics, Physics/Electronics  
Economics Mathematics, Statistics / Pol. Sc./ Journalism & Mass Communication / Computer Science  
B.A. (General Course) a) History, Pol. Sc., Pholisophy, Beng./Eng./Hindi
(Choose any three subject from this column )
b) History, Pol. Sc., Economics, Journalism & Mass Communication (Choose any three subject from this column )
B.Sc. (Gen. Course) Pure Science Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry / Statistics / Computer Science
(Choose any three subject from this column )
B.Sc. (Gen. Course) Bio-Science Zoology, Botany, Chemistry
B.Com (Honours Course) Accounting and Finance Group
B.Com. (General Course) Usual Commerce Subjects as prescribed by the University
In the University Part I Course all students are required to take up two compulsory language papers each of fifty marks in English and Bengali/ Hindi. In the part III course, students are required to take one compulsory paper of hundred marks in environmental studies. In accordance with the combination of subjects stated above, students may change their subjects within the last date fixed by the University